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General Conference (by dad)

Well, this was not only the first weekend that Elder Brown was gone, but it was also the first General Conference. I went to the General Priesthood meeting last night and the choir from the Provo MTC was providing the music. It was bitter-sweet to see all those young men dressed in suits and with name badges on. That was the last way I saw Elder Brown as we dropped him off at the airport and said good-bye for two years.

As we watched conference Saturday and Sunday, Alexa (my 3 year old granddaughter) perked up every time someone mentioned Uruguay or missionary work or missionaries. I guess I probably did a little as well.

Love you Elder Brown – Return with honor


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The “First Day” email

Subject: First Day
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 16:44:59 +0000

HEY. Im here all safe and all. Its very hard to type on these keyboards. But yah, its pretty great. The MTC is pretty laid back compared to what i hear the Provo MTC is like. Theres only 80 something kids here and about 22 are American. 18 other kids flew up with me and 4 other Americans have been here for 3 weeks but this is the first group of Americans to come here. My room has 2 of the Americans that were here already and 2 others from Peru. They are pretty cool. Its hard to talk to them but me and one of them are pretty cool. Hes already trying to teach me spanish. Food is weird and the rooms are tiny. Overall its way cool though. I need the emails of everyone. i think we are only supposed to email family and we cant take any pictures at the MTC! well we can take them when we go to the temple every 3rd sunday or somethin like that but thats the only time we can have our cameras out. Its pretty crazy the MTC is on
the temple grounds like… im 20 ft from the temple. We play basketball and
volleyball and stuff on the temple grass so that was kinda weird to me. But yah
i dont know how much i get to email so give me more emails. I dont know if this
is one you guys use but its the only one i could think of.
Well i have to go good luck. miss ya all. enjoy.
Elder Brown.

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Elder Brown’s blog is live (by dad)

Elder Brown’s blog is up and running. He will be serving in the Uruguay Montevideo mission from October 2008 to October 2010. He shared a sacrament meeting with Trevor Berry and Jordan Harvey where all three spoke. Elder Brown left for Buenos Aires, Argentina (MTC) on October 1, 2008, Elder Berry leaves for Provo MTC on October 8 and Elder Harvey leaves on October 15. Please visit ElderBrown’sSite for more information.

Love you Elder Brown – Return with honor


The Buenos Aires MTC

The Buenos Aires MTC…home for a while – see?